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We are the first and probably the only Feng Shui consultancy firm in Singapore to offer a comprehensive Feng Shui Wedding Package for wedding couples at an affordable rate. This signature premium package of ours is the most popular among wedding couples. It includes not only the standard Wedding Dates Selection Package, but also the Feng Shui audit of your new home as well as Bazi Destiny analysis for both of you.

For details about our Feng Shui and Bazi Consultation, please visit our parent website Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting for more information.

Our signature premium "Eternity" Wedding Package” includes:

  • Selection of your ROM date
  • Selection of your Customary Wedding date
  • A professionally produced report listing all the auspicious dates and timings you can use, our trademark ranking system and other important information you should know for your wedding
  • Selection of dates for Guo Da Li (過大禮)
  • Selection of dates for installing the bridal bed (安床)
  • Full Feng Shui audit of your property
  • Selection of dates for renovation
  • Selection of dates for moving-in to the new property
  • A professionally produced report on the Feng Shui analysis of your home
  • Full Bazi (Destiny) Analysis for both of you
  • Full explanation and report on how to carry out the process for fetching the bride (接新娘), Guo Da Li (過大禮), An Chuan (安床) and Dowry (嫁妝)
  • FREE BONUS 1 - FREE re-selection of wedding dates in the event if your hotel/banquet venue is fully booked (valid for 1 year from appointment date)
  • FREE BONUS 2 (WEDDING GOODIES) - Our clients love these surprises and we dare say that we are the only Feng Shui consulting firm in the world that provides these. Rest assured that you will find them useful for your Customary Wedding.

After Sales Support

In the event if you have any other questions after the meet-up, you are always welcome to drop David an email and he will reply to you personally. All emails are replied personally by David himself. No staffs are employed to do this; hence you are rest assured to get a personalized service with the most accurate information.

Consultation Fee

Eternity Wedding Package: Please contact us for an exact quote

Payment Method

Payment can be made in the form of cash, cheque or Paypal.

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